Building a Strong Horsemanship Foundation is the Key to Success No Matter What Your Discipline

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Whether you’re looking to get your young horse off to the right start, solve a behavioral challenge or build your horse’s confidence and responsiveness, Jay O’Jay Horsemanship is the answer.

Jay is a unique and gifted horseman. He brings us to a better understanding of how a horse thinks and responds, which in turn makes all of our lives easier.” Jody Sloper – Level 3 Event Coach

Does Your Horse Have the Horsemanship Foundation it Needs for Success?

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship training langleyBefore your horse is prepared to move onto a specific discipline, whether it be dressage, eventing, reining, or even trail riding, you first need to establish a strong horsemanship foundation. But this is the first step that many horses (and riders) are missing – and is often the cause of behaviour challenges, confidence issues, and barriers to competitive success.

It’s Never Too Late to Give Your Horse the Right Horsemanship Foundation

So whether you want get your young horse off to the right start, solve behaviour problems, fill in training gaps to succeed in your chosen discipline, or tune up your horse for the trail season, Jay O’Jay is the answer. Even if you’ve been to other trainers. Even if you’re at the end of your rope. Give your horse the start or re-start he or she deserves.
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A Results-Based Approach to Horse Training for Real-World Results

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship Horse Training LangleyAre you tired of wasting time and money and not getting the results you’re looking for? Do you want a proven, effective and results-based approach that just works? Then your answer is Jay O’Jay Horsemanship.

Jay O’Jay is a horsemanship clinician, trainer and author with 30 years of progressive, cross-discipline experience. He’s been there, done that, and is still learning and incorporating the latest horsemanship techniques into his programs today – whether it’s training with top riders, or competing in trainer challenges. Questions? Just ask his hundreds of happy human and equine clients.

Are You at the End of Your Rope?

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship Horse Training LangleyIf you feel like you’ve tried everything with your horse (and we understand your pain and frustration) – don’t give up yet. Talk to Jay.

Jay has worked with thousands of horses over the years and specializes in quickly diagnosing behavioral issues and implementing practical and effective strategies that work.


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