Spring is in the Air!

It’s not that I didn’t notice! It’s like watching your kids grow up; from one day to the next there really isn’t any change in size. Then one day they’re taller than you are. That’s how this winter felt to me; each day blended into the next and I thought for sure it was never going to end. Finally, spring is in the air!

Yes, and even with a winter blanketing program, the amount of hair my horses are now shedding is nothing short of amazing. I’m legging them up slowly to avoid any physical injuries, I want to have them in reasonable good shape to start what will be an exciting summer of clinics, workshops, and demonstrations, and of course a whole lot of traveling down the road. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you on my travels.

On a personal level, one of the more exciting things for me this summer will be my colt starting workshops. I’d honestly have to say that I absolutely love watching these colts getting connected with their owners and then gaining the confidence in themselves to accept a saddle and rider. Giving a colt the right start in life goes a long way when you think of his future years. After all, don’t we all want a horse that is pleasant to be around and a real pleasure to train? It all boils down to building that solid foundation, a foundation that can be expanded upon as they continue to mature and grow. If there is a secret to producing a willing attitude and creating a horse that is light and responsive to your cues, it would be found here.

I’m limiting my colt starting workshops to four horses and riders simply because I want to give everyone a maximum amount of my personal time. When you leave this workshop, you will be leaving with a whole lot of my personal experience, knowledge and understanding of how to start a colt the right way. I want each participant to start their own colt under my guidance, I want them to learn and understand each step of the way. I will not have them hanging off the fence watching me start the colt. Being involved is how you learn. When they go home I want them to leave with more confidence in themselves than when they first arrived.

These workshops will be the number one ticket for this coming season, especially for anyone who is truly interested in learning how to start a colt correctly. I’ve always wondered how anyone can learn colt starting in a group of ten or more horses. In a situation like this it’s the trainer that does all the work because there just isn’t enough time to spend on either individual horses or their riders.

One of the things I always pride myself in is that I teach transferable skills and anyone taking this workshop is going to go home with a lot of knowledge and understanding.

Well, if you let me start rambling, it seems that I never stop, so on that note, I’ll just say – “keep on keeping on” as you prepare both yourself and your horse for another season of horse’n around.

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