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It was early morning as we drove along and sipped from our “to go” coffee cups. My co-pilot was none other than Janet from the office. We were looking for a riding facility that was located somewhere in the picturesque countryside of Millerville, Alberta.

We turn a few corners, drove some straight lines, navigated a curve or two and then out of nowhere, there we were. Yes sir, we were in the foothills of Alberta with rich green grass that seemed as thought it were painted on each hillside; no matter which way you looked. And did I mention the stunning view of the mountains? What a gorgeous setting for a riding facility to be sitting on.

Being a true fan of nature, I was pumped! However, the icing on the cake was that my host “Angie”, told me we’d be holding the clinic in the outdoor grass ring. So there I was with this outrageous view, teaching a clinic in the great outdoors of Alberta. What a day I had!

Now I’ve taught a lot of clinics, but I have to tell you, everyone in this group was tuned in and in a learning frame of mind. As a result we covered an amazing amount of material. What a great group of people I had to work with; thank you all!

We would also like to thank Jan for allowing us to use her place, Angie for her help and Kathy & Holley from Performance Standardbreds for getting all of us together!

As an added bonus Janet from brought her camera along and she managed to get some great shots of everyone in the clinic.

Jay OJay

Jay OJay

Jay OJay

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