Mustang Episode 5!

Hi guys! This is Colette again. We’re up to episode five in One Man, One Horse – A Mustang Story. This is a very pivotal episode because this is when Jay first tries to get a saddle onto the mustang. Up until now, he’s been doing exercises with the horse to get her ready for this step. I think it’s pretty amazing that anyone could get a saddle on a horse that started out so fearful. In the beginning he could hardly walk up to her without her running away frantically!

The next section of our interview with Matthew Ford is a good one, too. He talks about how he was about ready to give up finding a place for the mustang to stay when he moved back to Invermere. When he was told about Jay, it gave him some hope and then when Jay took on the challenge, well, that’s where this whole adventure begins.

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