Mustang Episode 3!

A new episode of One Man, One Horse - A Mustang Story is out today! 

At this point in the series, Jay has been able to touch this scared and wild mustang, and get a halter on her. But, the horse is still quite frightened. Jay uses his three principles of training – cause movement, follow a feel, and yield to pressure – to help the horse recognize him as a leader. So it makes sense that this episode is called “Respect and Control“!

The thing I like about this episode is watching Jay how takes control and leadership of his horses peacefully and not using brute force. It’s in the little reinforcements like getting the horse to move out of his personal space. Jay’s always working on how quiet he can be around horses and still be in full control of them. I think that’s really great because it gives horses the respect they deserve!

We’ve got another segment of the interview with Matt Ford up today, too. He tells us the story about how he got the Mustang to begin with… and how he got a sore toe that day! Definitely a must-see!

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