Mustang Episode 2!

Hello everyone! Colette here, from the Jay O Jay Inc. team. Some of you may know that I’m the one who’s doing the editing of the footage for the mustang series. Well, I’m happy to announce that today we released the latest episode of A Mustang Story. This episode is called “Building Trust“. I think my favourite part of this episode is when our mustang goes back in the program a little bit, and Jay says, “This is where some people give up, but this is where I get strong.” And it’s true, he does have a lot of patience and confidence with horses.

One thing I’ve learned from Jay while watching and editing these video clips is that patience does grow out of understanding. This is true of people as well as of horses. At first, I’m sure it’s easy to get angry when your horse seems to always run away and forget what you teach it. But then when you work to understand what the horse is feeling, it helps give you patience. When you remember, horses are prey animals and predators sometimes try to jump on their back when they attack, then it’s quite easy to understand why horses can be fearful sometimes! I find it’s the same thing with people, too. When you really understand where someone’s coming from, you can be more patient with them and their mistakes than you would be if you didn’t know anything about them.

Something special about the release of this episode is that also on the Jay O Jay website, we’ve released an interview with Matthew Ford, the owner of the mustang. This is a great inside peek at how he got the horse and what he was feeling when he first saw the wild mustangs. I remember when Matt came into our office to do these interviews with Jay. He was a little shy at first but he really got the hang of it fast. And what a nice guy he is! I think the mustang is lucky to have such a loving owner. There’ll be more segments of the interview to come, so that’s something to look forward to. Until next time!

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