Moving Forward

I can honestly say 2008 was a busy year. How I managed to fit my entire schedule into one short year is nothing short of being amazing.

Although my 2008 adventures were hectic at times, the enjoyment I got from connecting with so many people and their horses made it all worthwhile.

Looking back, I’d like to take this opportunity to once again, say hello and thank all of these wonderful people for all their support and generous hospitality. Wishing you the very best in 2009 and looking forward to hooking up with you all again in this New Year.
Knowing what is important to a horse and understanding the motivations that drive equine learning behaviors, in my opinion, is the foundation of horsemanship. By learning how to work with the “true nature” of a horse, rather than against it, we will discover the path to enhancing every aspect of our horsemanship skills.

In the world of horses, individual goals are what inspire individuals to achieve. In my teachings, it’s my goal to help each person achieve personal success by guiding them through their individual journey of horsemanship. I can honestly say, there is nothing more rewarding.

Jay O’Jay

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