Jay O’Jay Launches New Horsemanship Program in Langley

Are you looking for a strong connection and more successful partnership with your horse? Then Jay O’Jay Horsemanship might just be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Whether you’re looking to overcome confidence issues, solve behaviour problems, become more successful in your chosen discipline – or simply have a more fun on the trails – a strong horsemanship foundation is the answer.

With a strong horsemanship foundation, you’ll become a more confident and centred rider – and a strong leader to your horse. Together, you will create the connection and partnership needed for success, whether that’s in reining, jumping or trail riding.

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship Langley

Jay O’Jay has just launched a new Certified Horsemanship Program that will enable you to move through four levels horsemanship essentials. You’ll earn a certificate for each level completed.

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship Certificate

You can complete your certificate in three ways:
1. Through a scheduled Jay O’Jay clinic
2. By hosting a clinic for your group or stable at your location
3. By booking a Jay O’Jay Lesson Program

Register now to get on the waiting list and receive our complete Jay O’Jay Horsemanship Certification Package. Or, schedule your 30 minute lesson now to assess your level.

Fill out my online form.

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