Jay O’Jay Launches Horsemanship Program & Cowboy Challenge in South Langley at Reign Ridge Stables

Jay O’Jay is excited to announce that he has relocated his horsemanship school to Reign Ridge Stables in South Langley. Reign Ridge is located near Campbell Valley Park on 216th Street just south of 16th Avenue. Jay will be offering horsemanship foundation lesson programs, horse training, and a limited number of spots for colt starting. Jay will also be introducing an exciting new sport to the west coast – Cowboy Challenge. Check out Jay’s demos at these upcoming shows:

  • The Pet Lover Show on February 16-17 at the Tradex in Abbotsford (see the ad in Saddle-Up Magazine)
  • The Quarter Horse Bazaar on March 17 at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley.

Jay O’Jay is a horsemanship clinician, trainer, entertainer and author with 30 years of progressive, cross-discipline experience. He’s been there, done that and is still learning and incorporating the latest horsemanship techniques into his programs today – whether it’s training with top riders, or competing in trainer challenges. Jay is a firm believer that a strong horsemanship foundation is essential for success across disciplines, and believes it’s never too late to give you and your horse the right start. Questions? Just ask Jay’s hundreds of happy human and equine clients.

Horsemanship Clinics, Workshops and Demonstrations:

Jay attends horsemanship challenges and events across Canada, most recently 2012 The Trainer of the North Challenge. He also offers his horsemanship clinics to associations and stables, and will soon launch a series of clinics and workshops at Reign Ridge. To book a clinic for your association or club, visit http://jayojay.com/horsemanship/clinics/

Horsemanship Lessons:

The answer to overcoming confidence and behaviour issues, becoming more successful in competition, and building a stronger connection with your horse is Jay O’Jay Horsemanship. With a strong horsemanship foundation, you’ll become a more confident and centred rider – and a strong leader to your horse. In return, your horse will become braver and more relaxed and responsive. Together, you’ll create the connection and partnership needed for success – no matter what your discipline. This is not your typical lesson program. Jay believes that providing a fun, diverse, safe, and challenging environment is the key to building a strong horse-rider relationship, develop confidence, and refining your groundwork and riding skills. Jay includes elements from his Cowboy Challenge program in all of his lessons. This includes obstacles, such as bridges & gates that you would be likely to encounter on the trail, as well as fun challenges such as the car wash and teeter-totter. Jay`s lesson programs include:

  • Horsemanship Foundation – Levels 1 (Basic) through 3 (Advanced)
  • Horsemanship for Trail and Recreational Riders

Introducing Cowboy Challenge:

Jay will also introduce Cowboy Challenge to the West Coast– one of the most exciting and fastest growing sports in North America. Cowboy Challenge is a great way to build your foundational horsemanship skills and compete in a fun, new and challenging discipline. While the basic levels of Cowboy Challenge are suitable for all levels or horses and riders (and are an ideal way for trail and recreational riders to build their confidence and skills) – the advanced levels are very competitive and attract top riders across disciplines. Jay will offer lesson programs in Cowboy Challenge from Basic to Advanced.

For more information on Jay’s lesson programs, including Cowboy Challenge, visit www.jayojay.com/horsemanship/lessons

Horsemanship Training:

Before your horse is prepared to move onto a specific discipline, whether it be dressage, eventing, reining, or even trail riding, you first need to establish a strong horsemanship foundation. But this is the first step that many horses (and riders) are missing – and is often the cause of behaviour challenges, confidence issues, and barriers to competitive success.  It’s never too late to give your horse the right foundation for success. So whether you want get your young horse off to the right start, solve behaviour problems, fill in training gaps to succeed in your chosen discipline, or tune up your horse for the trail season, Jay O’Jay is the answer. Even if you’ve been to other trainers. Even if you’re at the end of your rope. Give your horse the start or re-start he or she deserves. Jay’s training options include:

  • Colt/Young Horse Starting
  • Horsemanship Foundation
  • Horsemanship Advanced
  • Trail & Recreation Jump Start

Jay also offers training and consulting for specific issues like behavior consults, trailer loading, ground manner issues, horse purchase consultations and new horse evaluations. For more information on Jay’s training program, visit www.jayojay.com/horsemanship/training


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