Jay O’Jay Horsemanship Demo at the Pet Lover Show in Abbotsford

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship at Pet Lover Show LangleyThere you go, I got caught horse’n around again! In fact Global Television posted a short blurb of it on their website.

I’m talking about the inaugural Pet Lovers Show/Expo, which was held, at the Tradex complex in Abbotsford on the weekend of February 16 – 17/2013.

It was here that I did a demonstration with my two horses, Casper and Junior. The theme of my performance was to demonstrate the importance of leadership and the benefits of earning such a powerful position within the relationship a person shares with their horse.

A respectful horse is a focused horse and what a wonderful combination to have in place as a prerequisite to communication.

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship at Pet Lover Show AbbotsfordI demonstrated how to better communicate with a horse through the attitude and the feel that I used with my pressure. There is nothing that we do with a horse that does not involve pressure, even with the simplest of things, such as reaching out to touch a horse involves pressure. In fact, every action or movement that we make causes the horse to react accordingly to the amount of pressure used. We must learn to listen to the responses of our horse in order to better gauge or adjust our pressure or should I say our communication.

Serious Fun

The Pet Lovers Show/Expo was my first opportunity to introduce a new and exciting challenge to your horsemanship program. I’m talking about what many people are calling a “Cowboy Challenge”.

This is where I use bridges, teeter totters, gates and a variety of other obstacles to raise the performance level of your horse. But that’s not all, the Cowboy Challenge Program also offer an incredible opportunity to produce a brave, happy and talented horse. After all, who wants to ride an unhappy, one legged chicken?

If you want to have some serious fun with your horse the Cowboy Challenge is your answer. What a better way to enhance the performance level of your horse, form a deeper connection and ultimately produce a safe brave horse.

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