Horse With No Name Contest

What a success story!

For the months of April, May and June/05, Pacific & Prairie Horse Journal ran a “Horse with No Name Contest”.

The contest was to find names for my two new horses and if you want to talk about an overwhelming success story – this is the one! It all started back in late May/05 with the arrival of my two new horses – who desperately needed “barn” names.

I had now been looking for a new horse for over two years, and I was beginning to question the reality of ever finding one that would fit into my life. For one reason or another, a consistent “line-up” of disappointments and let downs were all that I had to look forward to. Was I chasing a hopeless dream? Were my standards or expectations too high? Was there really a horse out there for me?

All of these questions were answered this spring with the “discovery” of my two new horses. Just when I had given up hope of ever finding “one” horse, Lord and Behold – I ended up with “two”! A yearling Paint colt with a solid black body, four white socks and a big white face, and a two-year-old Quarter Horse gelding that has a big soft eye and a real sweet disposition.

Even though my two horses are considered “average”, when it comes to pricing and pedigree, to me, they are my pride and joy. I have become deeply attached to the both of them, and it is my goal to keep you up-dated with their training, their struggles, their accomplishments, and for that matter, their life with an active industry horseman. I will be sharing all of this information with you through my monthly articles with Pacific & Prairie Horse Journal, my public appearances and of course my web site.

Also, it will be my goal to prove that you can take your “average” horse and train it to become even more than average! In fact, with the knowledge, patience and confidence building programs that are offered throughout Jay O’Jay Horsemanship, you too can learn how to train your horse to be the very best he can be – Your Champion!

The “Horse with No Name Contest” was an extreme success in more ways than one. Firstly, because of the unbelievable amount of names that were submitted, it proved or echoed the reality that my two horses had indeed captured an enormous amount of public awareness. Secondly, after running the contest for three long months, my two horses were finally being awarded with their very own “barn” names – Coco and Cisco!

“Coco”, being the name of my two-year-old Quarter Horse gelding and “Cisco” being the name of my yearling Paint colt. The winners for the contest were announced in the July issue of Pacific & Prairie Horse Journal along with an itemized breakdown of the prize list, one of which prizes was a Jay O’Jay Horsemanship DVD, entitled “Journey to Connection”.

If I were allowed only one request, it would be to have you come back again for another visit and let me share even more information on the daily ups and downs there are within a progressive step-by-step training program.

Remember to “tune-in” for another “catch-up” session with Coco, Cisco and Jay O.

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