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How do I overcome confidence issues? How can I solve behaviour problems? What should I do to become more successful and competitive? How can I create a stronger connection with my horse?

The answer is horsemanship. With a strong horsemanship foundation, you’ll become a more confident and centred rider – and a strong leader to your horse. In return, your horse will become braver and more relaxed and responsive. Together, you’ll create the connection and partnership needed for success both recreationally and competitively – no matter what your discipline.

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Are you tired of wasting time and money and not getting the results you’re looking for? Do you want a proven, effective and results-based approach that just works? Then your answer is Jay O’Jay Horsemanship.

Jay O’Jay is a horsemanship clinician, trainer and author with 30 years of progressive, cross-discipline experience. He’s been there, done that and is still learning and incorporating the latest horsemanship techniques into his lessons today – whether it’s training with top riders, or competing in trainer challenges. Questions? Just ask our hundreds of happy human and equine clients.

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