Fun Country Riding Club

Once again my co-pilot was accompanying me on an early morning drive. We were off to Carsland, Alberta with our trusted road map and directions in hand.

The Fun Country Riding Club from Strathmore, Alberta was hosting 2 Jay O’Jay Horsemanship clinics and our mission was to find the location. After a few wrong turns we both felt, at least we were consistent about getting lost. By the way, this is the main reason we leave so early in the morning; it gives us a chance to find our destination before the day is over.

After a few more turns and gravel roads, there we were, right where we were suppose to be. Our clinic host, Bea Winter was there to meet and greet us as we wheeled up with my horse Cisco in the trailer.

Now, I have to tell you what a great bunch of folks it was that came out to take the clinics. My personal description of everyone could be summed up with “focused & quiet”. I tell you, in the beginning it was hard to get them to say a word, they just keep listening as I demonstrated and laid out my lesson plan. The good news is, as the day unfolded they actually started talking and asking questions. Of course, I’m exaggerating about how quiet they were, but I’m having fun doing so.

As a clinician, it’s always rewarding when your students understand the mental concepts of what’s being taught. Obviously, this is a critical component, and should be viewed as the first step in achieving, not only a solid partnership, but also the building block from which all successful physical responses are taught. I can honestly say I left feeling good about the accomplishments of everyone taking it. Thank you Fun Country Riders and also thanks to Nora & Rick Maidman for the use of their arena for the clinic.

In closing, thank you to my co-pilot coming out and taking so many pictures of the clinic. Check out her website at: or Below are some photos from the Clinics…Enjoy! (click on thumbnails to view larger then click the back arrow to get back to this page)

JayOJay1.jpg JayOJay2.jpg JayOJay4.jpg JayOJay7.jpg

JayOJay3.jpg JayOJay5.jpgJayOJay11.jpgJayOJay9.jpg

JayOJay10.jpg JayOJay9.jpg JayOJay12.jpg JayOJay14.jpg

JayOJay13.jpg JayOJay15.jpg

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