Horsemanship. The Recipe for Success Across Disciplines

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As a seasoned dressage rider or a reiner with 10 years under your belt, you may think that horsemanship is just for beginners and well in your past.

In reality, horsemanship is a journey that never ends. When you reach a barrier to success you can’t get past, it usually relates back to a gap in your horsemanship foundation. When your horse starts to exhibit new behavioral issues, going back to your horsemanship foundation is usually the answer. And when you feel that you just don’t have that right connection with your horse – horsemanship can help you find it. When you’re just not having fun riding anymore – once again – horsemanship.

No Matter What Your Level or Discipline, Jay O’Jay Has the Answer
Jay O’Jay has experience working with riders at all levels, and from all disciplines resolve behavioral challenges and develop stronger connections with their horses. Jay has worked with riders from diverse disciplines including:
> Dressage
> Hunter/Jumper
> Western Pleasure
> Reining
> Recreation/Trail/Back Country Riding
> Endurance

Jay specializes in identifying and filling the gaps in your horsemanship foundation that may be holding you and your horse back from realizing higher levels of success in your chosen discipline.

Jay Can Help. Take the Next Step Now to a Stronger Connection with your Horse.
When you experience a challenge with your horse, or your riding ability, it can be very frustrating, and it’s often hard to find the answers you’re looking for. No matter how many trainers you’ve been to, no matter what techniques you’ve tried – Jay can help.

Jay will work with you and your horse through an initial consultation to identify the underlying issues causing your challenge, and recommend the right course of action to get back on the path to success.

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