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Register Now for our Introduction to Cowboy Challenge Clinic April 20-21, 2013 at High Point Equestrian Centre in Langley

Gain a more respectful and enjoyable relationship with your horse, and build the right foundation to succeed in your chosen discipline.

Jay presents a wealth of information in a manner that’s easy to understand and to apply. Through a variety of groundwork and saddlework lessons, Jay teaches you how to encourage a willing attitude in your horse. He shares his proven and effective training methods to help you achieve a lighter and more responsive horse.

A Jay O’Jay clinic is right for you if you’re looking to:

- Establish a strong connection and a respectful bond with your horse
- Build a trusting equine partnership
- Instill confidence in both you and your horse
- Create softness in your control of your horse
- Develop a safe, happy and brave horse

And of course, the ultimate goal is for you to have an enjoyable experience with your horse!

Contact Jay
to arrange a clinic at your location. Jay delivers clinics both in the Langley area and across Canada.

Jay participates in Trainer Challenges and demonstrations at events across North America. Jay is passionate about demonstrating ways for riders of all levels to develop better connections with their horses – and loves to get in front of a crowd and entertain. Check out some photos of a demonstration to the Vintage Riders Association.

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship Demonstration

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship Demonstration

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship Demonstration

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