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The Answer: A Results-Based Approach for Real-World Results

Are you tired of wasting time and money and not getting the results you’re looking for? Do you want a proven, effective and results-based approach that just works? Then your answer is Jay O’Jay Horsemanship.

Jay O'Jay Horsemanship Langley Jay O'Jay Horsemanship Langley

Jay O’Jay is a horsemanship clinician, trainer, author and entertainer with more than 30 years of cross-discipline experience (don’t let that cowboy hat fool you!). He’s been there and done that – and is still learning and incorporating the latest horsemanship techniques into his programs today – whether it’s training with top riders, or competing in trainer challenges. And, he makes sure you have a lot of fun in the process – after all – we all want to enjoy our time with our horses.

A Solid Horsemanship Foundation is the Answer to Cross-Discipline Success
Jay O’Jay believes that with a strong horsemanship foundation, you and your horse will be able to overcome the barriers that are preventing you from succeeding in your chosen discipline, getting out on the trails, loading your horse. Every rider experiences these barriers whether they’re just starting out or competing at a high level – these barriers can include confidence/bravery issues, behavioural problems, or partnership issues.

With Jay O’Jay, you can work together to overcome these barriers and have fun with your horse again. After all, that’s why you ride, after all.

See Jay O’Jay in Action:

Don’t Give Up – Jay O’Jay Can Help
If you feel like you’ve tried everything with your horse (and we understand your pain and frustration) – don’t give up yet. Talk to Jay. Jay has worked with thousands of horses over the years and specializes in quickly diagnosing behavioural issues and implementing practical and effective strategies that work. Jay has worked with many horse owners and riders who were ready to give up – and they now have strong and successful relationships with their horses – you can too.

Jay’s Background & Experience:

With more than 30 years of experience, Jay has acquired a broad spectrum of horse knowledge through his personal pursuits such as back country guiding, colt starting and professional horse training. He has sought out instruction from numerous renowned trainers and coaches to develop exceptional skill levels in both groundwork and saddlework. Through extensive study of equine behaviour and by being a student of the horse, Jay formed the foundation of his training methods based on understanding how horses think and react.

Jay has shared his skills and knowledge with hundreds of aspiring riders and trainers in a number of ways:

> As a guest teacher at Olds College in Central Alberta
> As the leader of clinics and demonstrations throughout Western Canada and the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
> As a media commentator and the subject of TV, radio, newspaper and magazine features
> Through appearances with his specially trained horse Nugget at hospitals, schools, and community events
> As a columnist in Horse Canada Magazine, Horses All, Pacific and Prairie Horse Journal, and The Canadian Horse Journal
> As a guest clinician at several events, including The Mane Event Horse Expo, The Trainer of the North Challenge (2012) and the upcoming Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Bazaar and Petland Exhibitions

Jay has nurtured the natural gift he has for working with and connecting with horses – as well as people. With a personal mission to improve everyone’s relationship and experience with their horse, he shares his respect for the horse with enthusiasm, patience, passion and a lot of fun.

Jay O’Jay Relocates to Langley, BC:
In 2012, Jay relocated from Alberta to Langley, BC and is enjoying working with some great horsemen and horsewomen in the area – and enjoying the spectacular scenery – and even the rain. Jay looks forward to getting to know more and more people in the area and expand is clinic programs.

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